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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tips For New Teachers - A Survival Guide

It’s been 19 years now that I’ve been teaching and I must say even though I have enjoyed and loved every single one of them #allthefeels I wish I knew when I started what I know now.

They say the best school is experience and they are right!

Throughout the years I have researched and studies ways to teach, the best methods and been to more seminars than I can count in order to improve and become a better teacher.

What is a good teacher though? What makes a great teacher?

The truth is no matter how many different methods you try, no matter how much you educate yourself on your field it all comes down to how much you can get your teaching across to your students, how much the LIKE being in your class and how well you can adjust to many different personalities.

There are many key strategies and details, big or small on how you can go about teaching a classroom but I have concluded to these MAIN 5!

My best tip no 1

Kids get bored, there I said it! We get bored (let’s be real)
We both need to have fun since we spend so many hours of our lives in a classroom.
Kids learn more and way better through creative means. Undrstanding how important play is for kids is key! So research ways to make your lesson more interesting, there are thousand of articles on the Web #yayinternet and so many resources made from teachers for teachers!
Use crafts, songs, movement!
Engagement is KEY! The best way for a kid to get engaged is to find a lesson interesting and fun, so be CREATIVE!

My best tip no 2

Wow that’s important y’all!
You can’t teach properly if you aren’t organized!

Use planners, checklists, To Do lists, markers, boxes, everything you could possibly need to have every step of your teaching life organized!

Make teachers plans, sub plans (yes!), have your week planned…well have your year planned honestly!

When you know what you are doing each day, you are not as stressed and you can handle the unexpected way easily!
Have a place for EVERYTHING! Organize your classroom beforehand and LABEL EVERYTHING.

Make a schedule for your own time, know when you plan and organize so you can find time to relax and rejuvenate!

My best tip no 3

When you have 20+ kids probably wanting to run, play and yell more than anything, conferences, toxic colleagues or…(parents), a headache, no time to eat or go to the toilet and 2000 papers to grade, yelling sounds like a great option! #NOT

Take a deep breath, there’s always a better solution!

To start with if you want a smooth running year you need to set the rules at the beginning! Spend the first days explaining how you want your students to behave, how the lesson goes, procedures and rules! TRUST ME it will save your life! Your inner peace too!

Establish a good communication with parents! A weekly newsletter can prove to be extremely helpful! Notes home a detailed journal about your students can help a lot when parents ask how their kids are doing. Oh and smile!

My best tip no 4

Do you know whose the teacher’s best friend? (apart from coffee) It’s other teachers!!!

Find like-minded teachers and join a community. There are many groups of teachers online willing to help and wanting help. There are FB pages and groups and even collaborative blogs.

Teachers are amazingly helpful creatures!

Ask questions, ask for help and give help. Collaborate instead of competing!
#teachershelpteachers #teachersloveteachers

My best tip no 5

Nothing makes a student want to learn more than feeling they are loved! Many students come to school to be loved, love them and they will learn too, just on their own time!

There are many ways to show how much you appreciate your students and reinforce their confidence!

Just saying “well done” can be enough sometimes but most of the times you need something more hands on like stickers, brag tags, positive notes home!

They make a HUGE difference! I can’t stress that enough!
ALWAYS insist on the POSITIVE!

Being a teacher is a state of mind and it takes courage and heart! Love what you do and it will reward you!



P.S If you need help with resources you can use such as calendars, teacher's binder or brag tags and stickers you can check my store on TpT.

*the clip art used in the photos is by Educlips

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