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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Christmas Tips and Activities

Knock knock…Who’s there?....It’s Mary!...Mary who?...Merry Christmas!!!!

I know, I’m in a silly mood and why not, it’s the most beautiful season of all! Or..isn’t it?

Our students can be more of a struggle around this time of the year! We survived Halloween and Halloween sugar rush with them, going for Thanksgiving and they can’t hold their enthusiasm for Christmas…well everything! #meneither

Well take a deep breath and remember there are so many creative and fun activities you can do before Christmas! Besides you can theme everything! #xmasthemedresources


Oh my!!! I love practicing Listening,especially with ESL students, during Christmas. There are so many songs and even short stories they can work on! There are a lot of Christmas songs/carols that can be incorporated in a listening lesson such as: Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer; Little Drummer Boy, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Frosty the Snowman! Another great idea apart from using songs for listening is to read a dialogue or story related to Christmas, your students can answer questions based on what they’ve heard or  give their own two cents about it.


Now, reading can be a real treat during Christmas with so many lovely Christmas related stories and books out there. Students can practice so many skills while having fun and even learning something new. They can also learn more about Christmas traditions in other countries or what Christmas means to different people. There are also many Reading Comprehension resources you can use to teach that are great fun.


ESL students can benefit greatly this time of year because the subject of Christmas is a fun one to talk about.
Role playing and acting out the nativity story are two brilliant ways to encourage students to think outside the box and answer questions like: Which reindeer is your fav and why? What do you think Santa does the rest of the year? Have you ever heard or seen Santa? Do you think Christmas should be cancelled?
You can also have ss narrate a Christmas story and others ss ask them questions, which I’ve found is quite fun and the interaction helps them communicate and bond.


Last but certainly not least!
There are so many Christmas writing related activities you can do! Just a few of my very favorite ones are:
Write a Christmas card
Write a Christmas recipe
Write a letter to Santa
Write instructions on how to go to North Pole
Write an Elf diary entry on Christmas Eve
Write a review on your favorite Christmas movie/book
Students can also do shorter writing tasks such as quizzes, crossword puzzles or how many words can be made from the letters CHRISTMAS TREE?

See? No need to despair! It’s a fun time, enjoy it!

Here are some ideas of resources you can use <3

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