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Monday, 4 July 2016

10 Reasons Why I Love Teaching!

I LOVE teaching…and here’s why!
Educators are lucky people, we are…we really are!

   The truth is I haven’t always wanted to be a teacher, who does really…it’s not a prestigious job or a well paid job. We don’t see teachers featured in magazines or TV, we don’t often hear about their success stories, if ever! When you are a child, other jobs take your fancy.
   I will always remember the day I decided to become a teacher though! It was in high school, an ordinary day like any other in school (unfortunately). We were having a Physics class and we had a teacher who obviously didn’t want to be there, not just that day…any day! He asked me a question and I answered it to what I thought was the best of my abilities, but he had a different opinion. Now it’s not that he thought the answer was wrong, it wasn’t, he thought I was wrong, wrong to take his time, wrong to be in a classroom, wrong to exist. He looked at me and the words that came out of his mouth, though profoundly hurtful and offensive, were my turning point and the reason I decided I wanted to be a teacher. Right there and then I knew that children needed teachers who loved them, who inspired them, who encouraged and educated them!
   I loved English since the very first day I heard it (for you who don’t know me, I’m Greek) and I fell deeply in love with them since the very first day I was taught the ABC, it was like someone unlocked deep, ancient hidden knowledge in me! I know it sounds weird or cheesy but that’s how I felt. I started speaking it in every occasion and started thinking in English! Till this day all my thoughts are not in my mother tongue but in what I think is my actual mother tongue and that’s English! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Greek, it’s a fascinating language with a plethora of linguistic treasures but for me so is English!
   Now for the task at hand…why do I love teaching so much?!
üI love teaching English because I love the language so much that I want to share it with as many people as I can find wanting to learn it!
üI love the feeling we get…that magical moment you feel like crying from joy, when a struggling student gets it! When you see it in their eyes or/and in their answers that they have understood what you have been explaining and they can now use it! That feeling is life!
üI love it, absolutely adore it when students come running to me, the minute they see me entering and they give me huge hugs yelling Miss Stevieeee!
üI love finding ways of teaching new students, different students! I love the challenge, I love the creativity, the research and the feeling of accomplishment when I do find the perfect method or way to make my students understand!
üI love organizing my lessons! I know it can get boring but when your heart is in it, you come up with so many ideas that it feels like a tree growing, expanding and branching out!
üI love the fact that I get to meet people who share the same interests as me! Colleagues who understand my hopes, my fears and my struggles!
üI love books! I love reading them, reading them aloud to my kids and hearing their versions of what the book meant! I love discovering new books, especially books I can use in my classroom, the ones I can teach with or/and the ones that could teach us all something!
üI love it especially when kids who struggle at home with various problems, find school to be a haven. It’s beyond anything I can explain, that feeling you get when you see an unhappy, abused or unloved child feeling safe, feeling loved and you see them smiling and playing, feeling accomplished and part of a bigger family! If that’s not worth all the struggles of being a teacher, then what is!
üI love listening to children! I love the way they think, their perspective and take on our world and how they perceive situations we find common or not interesting! I love their imagination and instincts! They make me a better person every single day!
üI love sharing what I know with my kids and thus providing them with a useful tool for their lives! The very thought that what I taught them could be the base to a successful, happy life or career is more than a great reason to wake up every day!

Bonus reason and frankly the most important one!
Teaching is nothing short of a blessing and I strongly believe we should all feel lucky and blessed the Lord gave us that opportunity, that great honor to be teachers!
I would love to hear from all of you and read about YOUR reasons why you feel lucky to be teachers and why you LOVE teaching! You can copy the picture below if you want :)
My best wishes,

Stevie (or Stavroula)