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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Swap and Share Blog Hop ESL Teachers

Hello all and have a great October!
I'm writing today with a lot of joy because I have joined some amazing ESL teachers to have a blog hop that will include many brilliant products!
We decided to each teach on one of the other's products and write to you about how our students responded!
I was very happy to swap products with the amazing Yara Habanbou Boustani from Yara Sea of Knowledge  and try out one her products I really like!
The resource is called Finding the Main Idea Activities with Pirates and you can get it here
Yara will be working on my Emergent Readers Set 1 

You can read all about it and how to help your Students with Reading, here
To start with I need to say I love Reading Comprehension resources and worksheets so it was very important for me to try this resource and help my students understand and find the main idea in a text!
The story in this resource is divided in many parts and for each part there are exercises on finding the main idea or/and the supporting details!
Here are some pictures from my classroom:

Hop on to Yara's blog to learn about how she used my Emergent Readers in her classroom. :)