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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Classroom Reveal #2getherwearebetter

Classroom Reveal #2getherwearebetter
It took me a while (well…more than a while) but I managed to find time, sort out my photos, delete most of them and choose a few to show my beautiful yet very small classroom!

First things first though, a big thank you to these amazing and helpful fellow teachers/bloggers Ashley Schroeder from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd  and Angie Olson from Lucky Little Learners who host this #2getherwearebetter linky party. Love, love, love both their shops and work!

So, I’m a teacher in a very small school, with small classrooms and few students but we are a very happy and loving community! Every summer my mind is bursting with ideas of how to decorate my classroom and make it a space where learning will flourish and kids will be happy to go to every day!

To start with here is a small glimpse of my classroom

As you can see it’s a small, cute classroom. There is a big table in the middle and students sit around it. I don't have my own desk and I sit at the head of the table...much like a family dinner. I usually have 10 students which gives me the chance to work very closely with them and they can interact much easier with each other and make friends! Working the room can be a bit crowded but we still enjoy it!

I wanted this year-more than any other year- to make my kids feel they belong! I wanted them to feel loved, safe and accepted! I feel this saying covers everything I wanted and I simply love it!

On the left we have our Word Walls and on the opposite wall we have our Grammar Wall! I love our walls and how my students enjoy exploring every new thing I pin there.

On the corner we have our Chill Out space! I love how our palm tree came out especially since it is my students’ work! Here my kids have the chance to read a story, solve a crossword, draw, color and do extra work when they have finished early or when…they have forgotten how to use their inside voice!

My favorite part is the behavior charts and our brag tags! I absolutely L O V E encouraging my students and rewarding them for their small or big successes!
The behavior chart as well as the Student Of the Month cards are part of my Classroom Decorations and Labels resource. You can find my Brag Tags on my shop. I find brag tags one of the best and most effective classroom management tools!

I love my home away from home and if I weren’t such a bad photographer I would have more photos for you, but I’m working on my skills!
I hope you all have a wonderful year, full of the cutest, little laughters and most loving hugs!

Click the image below to show incredible classrooms from amazing teachers!

Incentives That Work With All Students

Incentives that work!

What makes a student perform better, study more, try harder? Well isn’t this the million dollar question?

What I have found to work almost without a miss is Brag Tags!

Brag Tags are incentives, like many other incentives out there…BUT what makes them so successful? They are hands on proof you did it! Students get to wear them like medals and show them off to their friends!

Whenever one of my students does something good or better, they get to wear their brag tag for their entire day and have their picture taken wearing it/them. That way not only their schoolmates but all their friends and family can see how well they did.

The amazing aspect of Brag Tags is that you can encourage students for every little things they do well. Even the students who don’t do that well in a specific subject can be rewarded for being tidy, for being a good friend or for their handwriting. What I mean is that with Brag Tags ALL students feel involved and successful at something.

We all know how important it is for a child to feel he/she belongs, that they are part of a loving, learning community. When kids feel comfortable and accepted they perform BETTER and feel HAPPIER! Isn’t that what we aim for? Students who not only are great learners but also happy children!

Brag Tags can be anything:
-Computer Wizard
-Amazing Artist
-Born Writer
-Terrific Reader
-Excellent Librarian
-Social Studies Genius
-True Scientist
-A Star at Math
-Hard Worker
-Best Friend
-Always Quiet
-Fabulous Listener
-Goal Achiever
-Squeaky Clean Helper
-Punctual homework
The Most Helpful
-Caught being tidy
-Peace Maker
-Wise as an Owl
-Star Student
-Dictation Expert
-Grammar Genius
-Hand Raiser
-Handwriting Expert
-Impressive Progress
-Excellence in Tests

You can find these Brag Tags on my shop.

You can glue them on paper chains and hung them on the wall.

This way students can look forward to performing well and being rewarded. You should make sure thought to have a strict rule about destroying the Brag Tag or letting them take it home…there’s a magical place outside your classroom for lost Brag Tags!

I have also implemented the Monthly Genius Club Brag Tags for students who have an overall good performance or behavior. It’s like an extra credit and I have yet to see one student who doesn’t want to be in those clubs! They really, really , REALLY like them!So far I haven't met a student who didn't look forward to receiving a brag tag and worked harder to get more!

I do really love my students and I want them to know that i am always proud of their efforts and their skills!