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Monday, 17 August 2015

Emergent Readers and Ways of Helping a Child Read

Emergent Readers

We all know how difficult and challenging and yet how important reading is for our kinders. They need to get acquainted with sounds and complex words and the way for this to happen is by emphasizing on CVC, CVCE and sight words.
What I have seen working is expanding sentences. We start with a simple sentence and expand it by adding more adjectives or sight words. Kids recognize the sounds faster and remember the words. That way they gain confidence and by seeing the same words repeating they feel more in control.
Some children come to school with basic reading skills but they have yet to develop more advanced skills and Kindergarten is THE period for kids to learn and build the basic foundation of reading.
Phonemic awareness, Phonics and Reading comprehension are the three pillars of Reading. Having established a good basic knowledge of these three, kids can develop a more elaborate understanding of reading.
Reading is not a simple activity, especially for a child. It’s a complex process. Though each child is different and has different ways of learning there are some common steps.in order to reach particular reading milestones.

What I tried doing when I introduced “Emergent Readers” in my classroom was to present my students with short, familiar sentences. After feeling confident they understood and could say the sentence, we moved on to the next sentence who had one-two extra words added. I always make sure the extra words are easy to pronounce and understand. I want them to feel confident and secure in what they’re reading.

As you can see I start with my basic sentence. ”I have a cat” Both “I” and “have” are Sight Words and "cat" is a very familiar word. The student reads it aloud 2-3 times. Sometimes students working in pairs, say their sentences to each others. Then we move on to the second sentence. As you can see I have only added the adjective “big” which is also a CVC word. That way they work on more sounds and word families at the same time. I then add another word in the third sentence, the color “brown”, thus working on colors too. So far we have worked on sight words, CVC words, colors and animals while improving our Reading.
It’s an easy, fun and productive way to work on Reading and vocabulary. As you can see on the third card of the booklet I work on negative sentences while adding new adjectives or colors.

Every booklet includes at least one Sight Word and an animal, while most also work on CVC words, colors and the most common adjectives. We also work on interrogative and negative sentences.

Print, cut and laminate for durability and you’re good to go!
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