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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Thoughts of a Sleep and Sugar Deprived teacher

Thoughts of a sleep and sugar deprived Teacher

Hello all!
These couple of months of summer have been so intense! I have been preparing for the new school year, adding new resources and renewing my old ones. Plus I’ve been teaching myself how to interact on Media (teach an old dog etc.)
I must say though I haven’t rested, I did have loads of fun! Teachers are the happiest of students!
Nevertheless I have been sleep deprived and during the last couple of weeks sugar and fat deprived. I decided it was about time I gave myself a makeover as well as my old resources! Not so easy, isn't it!
I started my diet (formally) 10 days ago and so far I’m 5 kilos down! (hooray)
Last night I had one of my most sleepless nights accompanied by a vindictive headache! While I was laying awake my mind went to ice cream (no surprise there) I decided that if morning found me with my head still on my shoulders I would find recipes for diet ice cream and thus you find me here writing this entry.
If you are too a striving-to-lose-weight gal here’s the recipe:

I hope you like it! I love it! It’s certainly helping with overcoming one more obstacle!

P.S: If you have any delicious diet recipes you would like to share, please feel free to do so!

Many thanks to "From The Pond" for their lovely clip art.