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Sunday, 9 August 2015

10 Tips To Help Your Child With Going Back To School Anxiety

10 Tips For An Easy Transition Back To School

Summer is nearly over and school is back! For some of us it’s a thrilling period but there are some small ones that feel nervous and worried. Kids are used to having free time, playing, watching tv or swimming in the summer. It’s not easy for them to go back to studying mode or have a schedule again. Let’s make them feel positive and ready to go back…better yet, let’s make them want to go back!
#1 Ask
Discuss with your child about the previous school year. Try and go over all the positives and all the fun times. Ask him/her what was their favorite time of all, what they learned that they really like, ask them to tell you all about the friends they made and whether they miss them. Let your child remember how good it felt to learn and interact with other children
#2 Give visual prompts.
I am sure like all mothers you keep your kid’s crafts or even better you display them in his/her room or somewhere in the house. It would be very positive for a kid to be reminded of his/her strengths visually. Kids will remember how fun it was to make crafts, color and paint and it will bring amazing feelings of confidence and satisfaction as well as a stronger belief in their abilities.
#3 buy them their favorite school supplies
We all know that joyous feeling of buying pencils, pens, rubbers and notebooks with your favorite cartoon characters, action heroes or bright colors. I remember that as a child it was my favorite time! The smell of new books with colourful cover pages, brand new notebooks with my favorite singer and new school supplies that felt like the superheroes of school time. It always felt like these school supplies were my lucky charm J
#4 Spice it up with movies and series
What do I mean? If you already have your kid’s syllabus or class curriculum, check for books that may have been adapted to movies or series. It would be terrific for your child to get to know the story and characters beforehand in an amusing way. Here you can see a list of them J
#5 Inspire them
Kids need and love inspiration-well don’t we all-so make sure you make a list of phrases you can say to your child that would encourage him/her. Play a game of “My favorite facts about school”. The child can write down one fact every day until the school starts. Seeing written down all the things he likes about school will make him/her forget about the things he/she is worried about.
#6 The elephant in the room
Our kids are always stressed about going back to school. It’s difficult for them to adjust in a new environment. The possibility of a new teacher or a new classmate frightens them. Talk about it! Ask your child what it is that worries them. Give them solutions and advice. Use your own experience and point out that you will always be there to help them! “Train” them against bullying. Make a notebook that they could use to write down behaviors they thought were negative ones. You could go over it with them at the end of each week. Each time you solve a problem, replace the negative entry with a positive one.
#7 Reorganize
Sometimes positive reinforcement comes with positive images. You could work with your kid to rearrange the furniture in their bedroom or even change some old furniture. You could reorganize their desk in a way that helps them study. Make their studying space a calming and beautiful one.
#8 Revise
If your teacher has given you a summer resource, now is the best time to do it. Your kid can revise everything they learned the year before and feel more confident about the new school year. If you don’t have a summer resource then you can print some worksheets from the internet or go over their favorite books and make your own games. Here you can find free resources for revision.
#9 Positive reinforcement
You can search the internet for printable stickers or achievement resources. Print the one you like and come up with a score system. You can make a “Success Path” and write in each step what your child accomplished or a “Learning Tree”. Make a tree out of cardstock and print some apples. Write on the apples everything new your child learned. There are millions of ways you can achieve positive reinforcement. Check some free stickers here. and here.
#10 Confront the dragon
If your child is moving to a new school you can take him/her for a drive there. Go into the school and let him/her see the classrooms and all the facilities. If the teachers are there maybe they can meet their new teacher. Make it a fun trip!
Last but not least…ready yourself for the new school year. I know we all worry about our kids. We worry more than them and sometimes this worry affects them. Our first instinct is to be overprotective. It’s hard to let go but the truth is that independent children are strong children. Try and calm your own fears and never make them your child’s fears. School can be a great place not only for learning but also for new friendships that last a lifetime.
I hope all our kids have a great new school year and so do we!!!