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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Amazing TpT Journey. How to make your store a success

Amazing TpT Journey. How to make your store a success

On this amazing journey we all have been the past month, a journey of self improvement, re inventing our professional identities, improving our stores and meeting new people, I have read, learned and struggled with many new ideas, applications, sites and techniques!
One of the challenges we faced was to improve our stores! This could happen in many ways.
Quoting Nicole Nicodemus from Tpt (source)
Sprucing Up Your Store: Look at your store header and your four selected resources and ask yourself a few questions:
* Does my header represent my store/curriculum/style?
* Is it seasonally appropriate (i.e., do you have a winter header up during the summer?)
* Do I even have a header? If not, learn how to create one that represents your personal style. Here’s a post explaining how to add a banner.
* Are your resources the right ones to appeal to teachers now?
* Are you utilizing Custom Categories? If not, learn how here.
* Take a before and after screenshot and share them in this forum post.

Profile Perfection: Make sure your profile photo is up to date:
* Did you know TpT turns 10 next year? Is it time to take a look at your profile photo and ask yourself, does my profile photo represent me and my TpT store the way I want it to? Am I putting my best foot forward with the image I’ve selected?
* If you weren’t sure how to answer the questions above, consider this: Everyone has smartphones these days. Ask a friend to take a new picture of you wearing something flattering (solid colors work best), standing against an uncluttered background. You can find lots of great ideas on Pinterest.
* Take a before and after screenshot and share them in this forum post.

Tell Me All About You! Make sure your profile tab is up to date:
* Do you have a blog that you didn’t have when you started your TpT store? Link to it! Have you won some awards since you last updated your bio? Share them. Have you received any further certifications that make you an expert in more curricular areas and need to include that in your bio? Don’t be shy.
* Your profile tab lets folks know who you are and why they might want to follow you and try your resources. It is a great place to introduce yourself as a person and educator. Make sure you take full advantage of this space to let folks know what you’re passionate about and how that influences your terrific resources.
* Let people know on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter that you’ve made this update and link to your new and improved profile. And let us know here by linking to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter post.

I went on and changed many things about the way I think, promote but also dress my TpT store

* I went through many of my old resources and gave them a lift! (God I have many more). I saw them through a buyer’s point of view and through this new light I loved them all over again!

* I started making some of the products I have been postponing for ages and I am really excited I can see them in action! One of them was “My Personal Expanding Dictionary

* I learned about new apps like Periscope , Tailwindapp, Rafflecopter etc

* I worked more with my Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and my blog.and saw what great tools they are.

* I changed my quote into a rotating baner! (I love it!!!)

Most of all I met some amazing teachers/bloggers/authors and I am collaborating with some of them through blogging. (soon a blog hop is coming weeee!)

Go out there and be yourselves! Make your store the reflection of who you are and what you dream of! Copy no one! You are the success story of yourself and that’s not a corny quote, it’s the truth!
***Believe in your products!
***Make them like you would want to teach them and buy them!
***Make them helpful, simple, thorough!
***Use impressive and easy-to-read covers!
***Invest in quality clip art!!!
***Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!
***Blog about how you feel, how you teach, what interests you, excites you and gives you strength!
***Be patient!
***Ask for advice! All teachers I’ve talked to are super helpful!

*** Be creative, be bold!
*** Find your tribe! There are so many new, exciting, wonderful tribes forming these days! Find yours and connect with the people there! Exchange ideas, listen, help!
*** There are NO short cuts. We have to work hard and patiently to achieve our goals!
***Create an email list with your followers! It’s a great way to keep in touch and inform them! A great tool for it is Mailchimp
***Use a planner of your choice (there are many wonderful free planners online) and SCHEDULE! I wish I had followed that tip from the start! Write down your goals, your ideas, track your followers on all media!
***Have a “to do list” ! Jot down anything you want to do and then PRIORITIZE!
***Write down all the necessary links you need so they’re easy to find!
***Dream BIG!!!
I can honestly say this has been one of my most tiring but extremely exciting and happy months!!!
I love teaching! I love being part of a huge family like tpt!