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Monday, 13 July 2015

Loving Educational Games

How much do you love educational games?
I love them! My kids love them!
Whenever they know we’re going to play a game on the whiteboard they’re super excited! They love winning and touching the whiteboard! They also realise –in a fun and constructive way- where they need to work more!
I’ve been playing around for a long time with the idea of making my own games! I wanted to be able to control exactly what my students would work on because –the truth is- nobody knows as well as a teacher what the personalized need of their students are!
I also wanted to make our games more fun, more colorful, more engaging! I have seen all these years which games they like more! They love the funny sounds and the cute graphics. They also feel more confident when they work on knowledge we’ve been working on longer.
Now am I a tech whiz?
Well not really! I know my way around a pc and most social media but I had help!!! (weeee for smart people) One of my adult students is one of those incredibly tech smart people and .has opened up a great new world for me!
We worked together and he was (very) patient with me and all my crazy ideas about how I wanted this series of games to be! I can’t thank him enough for this blessing!

Well here goes nothing…
I’ll be giving our demo as a giveaway very soon and we welcome all feedback! Actually…please do comment and tell us what we could do differently and improve! If you think it’s perfect (fingers crossed) do say that too!

Get it for free…
Enter our contest and win the demo FOR FREE! When the contest is over I will choose not one, not 2…not even 3, but many winners!!! So your chances of winning it are more than good people! I just hope that you’ll like it!!!

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