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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Math and Literacy Packet

Seeing how much you loved these two products, I've decided to make them into a bundle so you can have them both at a lower price!

Thank you so much for your trust and support!

Spring Math Packet for Kindergarten

The packet includes:
*My Numbers 1-10
-Write the numbers in different ways
-Choose the correct number
-Count and choose
-Before, Between, After:write the missing numbers

*Additions in Spring 1-10
5 pages
*Spring Subtractions 1-10
7 pages
*My Lucky Numbers 1-20
-Count and write the correct number
-Choose the correct number
-Before, Between, After:write the missing numbers
*Skip Counting 1-20
*Skip Counting 5-50

*Sunny Additions 1-20
3 pages
*Sunny Subtractions 1-20
3 pages
*Spring numbers 1-20

*Sunny Value:tens and ones
5 pages
*Happy Measurements
2 pages
*It's Spring Time
1 page
*It's spring Left and Right
1 page
*Warm Shapes
1 page
*Word Problems
12 pages
*Spring Crafting
20 pages

I have included many types of worksheets such as:
Color code
Cut and paste
Count and write
Use the number line
Follow the correct path

Spring Literacy Packet

This packet includes 65 printables on:

* Spring related vocabulary with cards
* Vocabulary and sentence making exercises on Spring related vocabulary
* Worksheets on the number of syllables
* Worksheets on beginning digraphs:
* "Complete the sentence with the appropriate word" exercises
* CVC words worksheets (easy and medium level):
short a
short e
short i
short o
short u
* Extra practice worksheet on CVC words with a word bank
* Word families worksheets:
at ad an
et ed en
it id in
ot od op
ut ug un
* Sentence building exercises with the word families covered
* Spin the wheel worksheets with Sight Words

The worksheets include many types of exercises such as:
Trace/Write the word
Write the sentence and draw a picture about it
Color the word
Build the word
Cut and paste
Put the sentences in the correct order
Color based on a color code
and many more

I really hope you will enjoy teaching with this resource as much as I do!
If you download the product please leave feedback as comments are always welcome and encouraging!
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You can find my newest Spring Packet here


Stavroula Kampakou

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