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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Blog Exclusive BTS Freebies

Blog Exclusive Freebies for going Back To School

Hello all!
I am going back to school in just a few weeks (Oh my God am I nervous!) and I have been adding some last minute behavioral badges as well as some meet the parents tags.

I feel so blessed this summer! I have met many amazing fellow teachers and my life has turned for the best in general…I feel happy and full!

In the spirit of all this positive atmosphere I feel I want to share with all of you how I chose to encourage my students this year.

I teach Kindergarten and ESL students so I have different resources and positive behavior encouragement systems. Quite often I use the same system for both or add new ones. I am absolutely certain that before this year has ended I will have made many more.

Well here goes…

Homework Labels
I use HW labels for ESL classes mostly because I want to encourage studying at home. I use jars with Punctual HW and Delayed HW badges and each day I put either badge to the Ss Point system jars. Depending on whether they have more positive points or not, they get treats and rewards. 

Student Of The Week
I use this encouragement point system for both Kindergarten and ESL Classes. I try to encourage Ss who do their best in classroom, behavior and learning wise. The student of the week is chose after counting both behavioral and learning badges he/she has earned. That way every week all students have the chance to be chosen and get a reward. Even if they don’t win they know they can try next week and so on. Most of the Ss love the rewards so much, they aim to be Students Of The week every time and when they do their cute little faces lit with pride and happiness.

Student Of The Month
The student of the month is chosen more or less like the Student of The Week. For ESL classes I add badges for Grammar and Vocabulary too. Every month I choose the student or students of the month and they wear their crowns for the entire day. The student of the month also has some more perks. They get to choose their favorite music for the day or they can bring a favorite toy, walk around the classroom without shoes etc.This freebie is part of my Classroom Decorations, Management and Labels you can find here.

Tags for Meet the Teacher Day

For this very special day I have created some new tags this year that I really like! I have created tags for water bottles or refreshments as well as for cookies and sweets.

Click the picture to download them.

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