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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Back to School Thoughts

Back to School

It’s here! No more beaches, no more late mornings!
No, I’m not crazy! I just love what I do! I love seeing my students, I love interacting with them and I love doing something that has a purpose, an important goal! Educating children is a high honor!
I won’t lie, of course I enjoy the rest and late mornings! I love going to the beach and relaxing on the golden sand! But if you are a teacher (parent will also do fine) you know there’s never an actual break. You always contemplate new ways of teaching and solving possible problems. There’s always a resource you want to make or buy. You spend hours thinking how you would want your classroom to be decorated, what new ways there are to help, encourage, educate and rewarding a child.
When the thinking ends, the action comes. Countless hours in front of your PC or laminating, cutting,  printing and organizing.
The most important part of this period just before going to school is dreaming and hoping. It’s the best part! Those days when you sit with your coffee and daydream of the new students, new games, new happy times and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.
Teaching is the best job in the world! I believe it with all my heart! It’s so close to being a parent! The love, the joys, the successes…even the failures that make you want to try harder! The love you give and receive unconditionally, the hugs and the smiles! What’s better than a child who comes running to hug you only because he/she knows you love them and you support them, not because you are family…because you become family!

Have a great new school year everyone!

Clip art by Melonheadz and Clipart by Carrie

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