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Friday, 24 July 2015

TpT Freebies for the soul!

TpT Freebiefor the soul!

I l<3ve posting Freebies on my TpT store!
I think Freebies are great, for both the giver and the receiver! They’re good for the soul.It’s good to give, it feels right! It also feels good when you receive something  for free.
I decided to write a post about my Freebies so they’re easy to find and download

Some of my absolutely favorite Freebies are the rewards for students. It's one of the strongest educational tools we have! Motivating students can go a long was,further than pointing out mistakes.

Spring has always been my favorite season, so some of my favorite free resources are spring themed!

Who doesn't love holidays??? Especially Christmas,Thanksgiving and St.Patrick's Day! And on these holidays people exchange gifts! My gifts to you are my special holiday Freebies!

Do I have more freebies? Yes, I do!

Check my freebies in one page

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