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Friday, 10 July 2015


Memories of School years Past

I was going through my photo album on a feng shui crisis trying to categorize my school photos into 4 major albums. While I was trying to choose which photos to keep I realized two things:
1.I’m not very good with photography…
2.Right in front of me was a whole year of games, learning, laughs, hugs, frustration, hard work, tons of worksheets and printables (omg…how much paper and ink have I used), late nights and most of all…above all LOVE. Love you receive and love you give!
Even though my goal here was to be organized (I try hard every year…I fail!) what I managed to do was spend a few hours reminiscing and realizing once again how much I enjoy being a teacher!
Problems aside, there are very few feeling that can compare to seeing children smiling, learning and feeling loved and appreciated. It’s a huge gift few people receive! The satisfaction that you helped children achieve their goals, the overwhelming feeling that a child gained confidence…they’re just a few examples that prove that teachers are amongst the luckiest people on Earth!
And then there’s the hugs or the “I love you my beautiful teacher” messages…
Ok back to why I originally wanted to write this post! I wanted to share some of my memories with you, because -in my mind- all the good things in life become better with sharing!

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