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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Expanding Dictionary-Pictionary

Last year I introduced the idea of a personal expanding dictionary in my classroom and the results were extraordinary!
The students were very excited to be the authors of their own dictionary and by the end of the school year they were surprised to see 
in action how many new words they had learned!I really do hope it will prove to be a success story for your students too!
 MyPersonal Expanding Dictionary

 I have included:

* Different cover pages for boys and girls

*Re-printable pages for the new word they want to record where they can Write the definition, Use it in sentences, Find an existing sentence that uses the word and copy it, Find synonyms and Draw the word.

*For each letter there are 3 pages:1Listing of words that start with that letter

2An Interactive Pictionary page where they can find pictured of words that begin with this letter and glue them on.

3Sight Words Practice page where they can record all the sight words beginning with the letter and then write sentences with them.

*I have also included a separate Pictionary section with various picture cards for all letters. The students can cut them and write the letter for each word as well as the letter. 

Note:This section can be used for many purposes besides the Dictionary itself. 

 I really hope you will like this resource!!!

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