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Monday, 27 July 2015

All About This Kinder Teacher: First Kinder Tribe Linky Party

All About This Kinder Teacher: First Kinder Tribe Linky Party

Click the picture is you are a kinder teacher who wants to join

Our new tribe is growing fast-kind of like our kiddos- and we decided to introduce ourselves, get to know each other and learn/share more about the wonderful, magic world of kindergarten.
In the past months I have met some truly amazing people/teachers who give their best to teaching. They are passionate, funny, productive, creative and full of love and excitement for life and our work.
I am thrilled to meet more, especially teachers who teach the same grade as me. I am looking forward to seeing what they do in their classrooms, to be inspired by their ideas and collaborate with them on making the best possible lessons for our small ones.
So, here is a little bit about me:

You can also find me here:


Make sure you hop to the other blogs and meet some of the best teachers out there.


  1. Isn't this worldwide network of K teachers just so unbelievably exciting to be a part of? I love Mr. Sketch markers too! Have a great year in K!

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    2. I am really excited to belong to this group!

  2. YAY more kinder teachers! This kinder tribe is fantastic! Can't wait to see great things!!!

  3. We are many!!!I love our tribe too!