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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

TpT Sellers Challenge

Before anything else...many thanks to our amazing hosts!!!

Week # 1: Makeover Challenge 

If you are joining now, PLEASE make sure to check out the directions here

My first makeover challenge was My Summer Math and Literacy Packet 

I really like this product...no scratch that ... it's one of my favorites! I enjoyed making it and I enjoyed teaching with it! The parents loved it- and we all know it's not always easy to please them- and so did all my kiddos!
I have changed the clip art on a few pages but I mostly focused on my cover page.
It seems light blue chevron is my new black for this summer <3

My new project will be my

I certainly have plenty of ideas on how to make it better! Did I mention I really like this challenge?:p

If you want to participate and do a makeover on one of your products then you have one week to do it. You can share it by posting the change on the image below and share it using your social media :) Don't forget to share it using the hashtag  #‎tptsellerchallenge. Click on the image below to save it, and then add your Before and After images!

TpT Seller Challenge week # 2

It took me a few days to sit down and dare to dream because these few years have been somewhat hard for me but dreams are the way to achieving your goals and since I always tell my students to dream their way to what they want...well...here goes!
What I mainly wish for myself is health and personal peace!
I want to wake up and go to bed without constant worries.
I have been blessed with great friends and family and I want to always have a house full of them, discussing. playing and having fun.
I would love for my TpT store to grow and for my sales to allow me to be financially independent.
Above all I want love in my life. The kind of love that gives you the strength to be better and smile at the world!

For those of you who have already finished your challenge and want to link it please feel free to do so :)

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