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Thursday, 9 April 2015

TpT Selling Tips

TpT is an amazing family and it is heart-warming to see how all my fellow teachers are willing to help! I really don't think you can find so much interaction and so many helpful tips anywhere else.

From my experience what makes some stores have more traffic than others doesn't just come down to one or two things. It takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication so don't despair if you don't sell as much as you expected, thinking your product might be flawed. I am sure everyone here has put a lot of effort in their work! So far what I have learned, and am personally trying to implement in my shop, is this:

1. First and foremost: have useful products! Products that teachers can use! From page 1 to page 100+ a resource should have practical worksheets! Exercises that are to the point and provide hands-on practice!

2. Be clear and specific in your descriptions! The buyer should be able to know from your product's description exactly what they will buy! If someone gets an unwelcome surprise they will either never buy one of your products again or leave a negative comment which will influence your products, or worse, your store's publicity!

3. Make beautiful, engaging and easy to read covers! Product covers are the first thing everyone sees and they are what attract buyers to our products! You can see how it works from your own experience! No matter what you want to buy the first thing that you notice is the appearance: what "catches the eye"! You could have an amazing product with a cover that's not eye catching and it would never sell! That's unfair, isn't it?

4. Advertise! Use your blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter! All social media can bring traffic to your store! Use them well, learn the strategies ,there are millions of articles on how to use them, and make your products known! It takes time, I'll give you that, hours of learning and posting!

5. Make freebies! Freebies could be small samples of an actual, paid product or independent units. No matter what they are though, they must be as equally professional as your paid ones and of great quality! They are your true advertisement! Always remember to use your copyright though!!! You should also include links to your paid products, a "follow my store" link and if you have a site, blog or Facebook page you want to promote, you should also have a link for them.

6. Find and use collaborative boards on Pinterest! There are also collaborative blogs you could become a member of! Teachers are generous creatures! We love interacting, helping! To be honest it's what we do, isn't it? We try to help people become better!
Here is my collaborative board on Pinterest, should you want to post your TpT products: https://www.pinterest.com/steviekampako … -products/

7. Read our forums on TpT! Read the advice given by people who have their own success stories, people who care! Follow fellow teachers' stores and blogs, leave kind comments, and thank them for their freebies! They will do the same!

I try every day to make my products and my store better! We all have work, families and many obligations but it's our work, our experience and our pride we put in these resources and people should know how well and how hard we work!

 © copyright 2015 power teaching-stavroula kampakou

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  1. This is so true! The HARD WORK can't be capitalized big enough!