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Monday, 27 April 2015

Adjectives CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1.f - Mega Bundle


Teach adjective concepts with these eight bundles of task cards! Each bundle is separated in groups of the most frequently occurring adjectives.

Print, laminate and cut the cards for easy access and storage.

They can be used all year around to introduce or revise the adjectives. You will find cards and worksheets for:
1. general adjectives
2. adjectives describing emotions
3. adjectives describing colors
4. adjectives describing numbers
5. adjectives describing character
6. adjectives describing appearance
7. adjectives describing taste
8. adjectives describing shapes

I have included:

* Cover pages for each bundle
*Explanation of what adjectives are
*Separate cards for each adjective
*Smaller cards for each bundle

The worksheets include:

*Color the adjectives in each sentence
*Read the sentences and draw a picture about them
*Put the adjectives in the correct category.
*Write sentences with some of the adjectives above.
*Write adjectives that describe the noun given.
*Look at the picture. Find the nouns and the adjectives and put them in the correct category.
*Write 5 adjectives that describe a person’s character.
*Write 5 adjectives that describe a person’s appearance.
*Draw your favorite animal and then describe it.
*Draw your school and then describe it.
*Describe your feelings."How would you fell if..."
*Identify and color the shapes in the picture.
*Underline the adjective in every sentence
*Replace the adjectives in the sentences with your own.
*Choose the correct adjective to describe the pictures.
*Use four adjective to describe each picture.

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I really hope you will like this resource

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Stavroula Kampakou

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