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Thursday, 12 March 2015

You Are Perfect And You Are Loved

The last couple of years have been fairly difficult, especially the last one. For quite some time I was feeling miserable and weak. Apart from my work that I love and my friends and family whom I adore I didn't feel passionate about pretty much anything.
Financial problems, personal problems, little everyday things and situations that get you down. They do it slowly sometimes or shockingly fast but you never realise how far down you've been until you wake up in the morning feeling drained out, feeling uncomfortable with whom you became.
Needless to say I didn't like it! I am a very passionate person who loves to laugh, love and create, a person who believes in good, in second chances and justice.
My inability to accept some of the hardships I went through and my mistakes made me feel bad about myself.
I was forgetting the most important value in life. If there's anything worth living for is loving and being loved! and I WAS loved, I AM loved. I LOVE my people with passion, integrity and loyalty!
So I decided to do some work with myself and let the people who love me, help me. I decided I was worthy of their love, opened my heart and took it all in!
I decided I was perfect in all my imperfections and I was loved in all my mistakes and for that I now wake up smiling, joyful, passionate but mostly... GRATEFUL !
Thank you to my family, my friends and my students!

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