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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

St.Patrick's Day Math for Kindergarten

This St.Patrick's Day Math resource is one of my personal favorites! It's Math, it's fun, it's engaging, it's interesting and it's St. Patrick's Day themed! Meeting Common Core Standards this resource will help your little ones learn, revise, understand and practice their Math while having fun!
You can use it perfectly for morning work, math centers, homework folders, early finishers and more! It requires nearly no preparation and it's cost effective! Apart from the Write and Wipe cards all the other worksheets are Print and Go!

You will find the following:

Page 3-4: Roll the dice game
Page 5: Roll the dice, add and color
Pages 6-7: Solve the problems and color + answer key
Pages 8-9: Count and write the number words (1-10) + answer key
Pages 10-11: See the number and write the number words (10-20) + answer key
Pages 12-19: Search Word Puzzles + answer key with 3 levels of difficulty: easy-medium-difficult for the numbers :11-19 & 10-100
Pages 20-23: Put in the right order:1) from biggest to smallest 2)from smallest to biggest and color + answer key
Pages 24-25: Patterns + answer key
Pages 26-29: Write the numbers:1-20 & 20,30,…-100 + answer key
Pages 30-31: Fill in the missing numbers:1-20 & 20,30,…-100 + answer key
Page 32: Role the dice, count the sum and write the number
Pages 33-38: Skip counting by:2’s, 5’s, 10’s + answer key
Pages 39-40: Lucky numbers bonds + answer key
Pages 41-44: Cut and paste the correct number: Addition and Subtraction problems + answer key
Pages 45-47: Solve the problems and find out the Leprechaun’s secret message! + answer key
Pages 48-49: Count the tally marks, cut and paste worksheet +answer key
Pages 50-54: What’s the number before and after. Numbers: 10-100 & 2-20 plus one empty sheet for you to fill in as you wish + answer key
Page 55: “I have…who has?” chart with numbers 1-100 for the following game cards:
Pages 56-60 : “I have…who has?” cards 20-100
Pages 61-62: “I have…who has?” editable cards
Pages 63-68 : Write and wipe addition cards +1 editable sheet
Pages 69-74 : Write and wipe subtraction cards + 1 editable sheet

I have included a "Table of Contents" page for easier navigation and answer key pages!

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Stavroula Kampakou

© copyright 2014 power teaching-stavroula kampakou 

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