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Monday, 9 March 2015

Love is All Around Reward Coupons

Personally I love rewarding my students and it’s always a better solution for all the over energetic ones.

Every 3 months I change them so I can keep up the enthusiasm and I must say I’m more excited than them sometimes:)

There are 6 coupons:

-You are amazing
-Teacher's sweet hekper
-Free candy achiever
-Crowned scholar
-Early bird
-Bee my helper
Special rewards notes for kids to show to their parents (in colour and b&w)

I have also included a poster :
Reward Coupons Board, so students know why they're rewarded and for what and they can work towards the goal they need to work on.

I left the board empty so you can use your own reasons for rewarding your little ones but I think most of them are self explanatory

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